Radio Canada calling…

Every now and then I get a call from The Breeze 107.9 FM – a premier local radio station in Peterborough… Ontario.

By chance, I have become the station’s ‘UK correspondent’ providing the people of Canada with witty commentary on a range of topics – how to have a British Christmas, Easter celebrations in the UK, why Brits love biscuits, the Queen’s Awards for enterprise, the Royal Wedding, Kate’s maple leaf hat, and most recently the riots.

This all started a couple of years ago when Peterborough in Canada sent some representatives over to visit our very own Peterborough here in the East of England, to find out about ‘going green’. News of our efforts to become the UK’s Environment Capital had reached them, and they wanted to share (and pick up new) ideas.

The Breeze 107.9 were on the hunt for someone from P’boro UK to talk to them on air and somehow the task fell to me. Since then I’ve been doing regular updates for my Canadian fans, who I’m told ‘love my accent’. Well, what’s not to love?

Our Deputy MD here at Athene, Caroline, has even had a chat live on air leading to the revelation that like these people she is practically related to Kate Middleton.

Journalists are always on the look out for interesting people to provide expert comment on a range of topics. If you know what you’re doing, you can position yourself as the ‘go to’ representative for your sector. If you’d like us to help you out, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Nyree Ambarchian, Community Engagement Manager, Athene Communications.