City pupils share some puppy love

Pupils at a city Academy will have the opportunity to become the next Cesar Millan* on Wednesday 28 November 2012 as they receive a Crufts-worthy master class in canine control.

Officers from Wood Green Animal Shelter are giving students from Nene Park Academy paws for thought as they learn about the responsibilities of owning a pet in a series of after school sessions.

The after school programme is teaching pupils that owning a cat, dog or rabbit is not just about furry fun, but also involves daily care and attention.

Each hands on training session is giving pupils all the practical advice they need to ensure their pet remains well nourished, healthy and on a tight leash.

This week’s session will see the pupils finding out why dog training is so important and having a go at training their canine companions themselves.

The Academy pupils are completing this programme as part of their Pledges commitment. Year 7 pupil, Maddison Taylor said, “It is really interesting finding out about different animals’ needs and has helped me to appreciate what a responsibility it is to own a pet. Dogs are always fun to own, but I never fully understood just how important it was to be their leader and have complete control over them for their own well-being.

“We have also found out about the different types of animal welfare jobs there are and how important this kind of work is.”

Nene Park Academy operates a variety of similar extra-curricular activities designed to help pupils achieve their pledges. The Pledges respond to a range of activities that Nene Park Academy believes students should experience in order to develop the skills and confidence which complement their academic achievements.  The pledges are Participation, Leadership, Excellence, Diversity, Giving, Environment and Service.