My work experience at Athene – Michaela Peacock

For the past 14 years I have always known what career path I want to take. And now in my third and final year of my journalism degree, I’m that little bit closer to walking down that path.

My degree has given me great insight into all aspects of the media, including how to write news articles, and features, as well as gaining an understanding of politics, law and business. I’m now studying public relations, an aspect in which at the beginning of my degree I had no ambition to pursue a career. However, 10 weeks into the module I have developed a stronger understanding of what PR is actually about.

The module requires me to carry out a work placement. I could have gone to an independent company or charity and purely worked on their PR alone. But I didn’t. Instead, I opted to go and work with Athene Communications. I already had some knowledge about the work Athene do, which is why I chose to apply to do my placement here.

My experience

In a short period of time at Athene, I have already developed essential skills. I have been given tasks which include- researching contacts, pitching to magazines and I’ve also had the opportunity to write a press release – I was able to utilise my writing skills which I have gained from my degree and receive feedback from industry professionals on the work I have completed.

Not only have I been given work to do which is going to benefit my future career aspects, I have also received advice and assistance on how to achieve the best for my degree module. I am required to submit specific work for the course and the team here have been making sure I am completing work which not only helps them, but also helps me in my degree.

What I’m taking away with me

I have learned so much in such a short space of time. This experience has given me a deeper insight into PR, and in doing so, has made me realise that journalism is not the only road I can take.

Carrying out work experience could have made me realise that maybe I have chosen the wrong degree. But in fact, working at Athene has just made me want to work in this sector even more – and I thank everyone who I have worked with here for that.

Michaela Peacock

Intern at Athene Communications (University Centre Peterborough)