Rhiannon reflects on her week at Athene

Rhiannon Baker joined us at Athene this week from Ormiston Bushfield Academy, where she is studying Psychology, History and Business. Here she writes about her time and experience with us:

Where it all began…

As an overly proactive and ambitious person, I couldn’t take the 11 weeks of freedom after GCSEs without doing or achieving something.

I contacted my business teacher asking if he knew of anyone I could talk to about the world of business.  He put me in touch with Emma from Athene, who I arranged to have coffee with.

Meeting Emma…

Before I spoke to Emma I was clueless as to what Rhiannonpart of business I wanted to go into. I had ruled out a few things – not to run my own business and nowhere near finance or IT. I also knew I liked using my creative side and I had an interest in media, from nothing more than scrolling through the showbiz section on the Daily
Mail every lunch time.

Speaking to Emma opened my eyes to the world of Marketing, specifically PR and Communications. She then went onto discuss the different ways I could start learning and experiencing marketing, for example work experience, internships and looking at jobs in marketing.

Following our discussion, I decided the following summer I was going to do work experience in marketing. So back in April, I started to list and investigate possible work experience places, starting with Athene Communications.

My week at Athene…

The week commencing August 8th came and with already 2 weeks of work experience at a national insurance company and local agency under my belt, I felt ready to develop my skills further and Athene was the perfect place for that.

At the start of my week with the company, Rhiannon 2I was welcomed with open arms, an enormous desk and a very comfy chair! I was given a number of tasks varying from reviewing a school prospectus to researching the impacts of Brexit on the house building industry and restructuring and rewriting the website content for an engineering firm.

With each task I was given plenty of support and feedback, as well as being told how each task I did would be used.

By the end of my short time at Athene, I feel like I am taking away some valuable lessons and skills, whilst also feeling like what I have done has helped in some way. I have had a wonderful experience with the people who work there. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer team to work with!

Thank you to everyone for a brilliant week, and a special thank you to Emma for helping me to kick-start my career in Marketing!