James shares his week at Athene


James Whitney, undergraduate at Newcastle University, took some time from his busy summer holidays to join us at the Athene offices this week. James currently studies BSc Marketing and is about to begin his third and final year.  Here he reflects on his time and experience with us:

Although I am studying Marketing at University, I am still trying to find out what area within Marketing that I want to specialize in. This experience at Athene Communications was very useful in achieving this.

Having volunteered within Sue Ryder’s Marketing Team, as well as having experience within another PR firm, working with Athene Communications has proven that I have a strong interest in PR and would like to pursue a career in the area.

I was given Richard’s details through a contact at Sue Ryder, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Richard for letting me have this opportunity to work with a successful local PR firm.

During my time here, I have particularly enjoyed being given the chance to write an interesting feature article for a client, which challenged me, as my knowledge of property tax isn’t great!

Another highlight was being able to participate in a webinar with other members of the team, discussing the importance of PR for SEO. This was also useful because one of my modules next year involves this; therefore I already have a bit of a head start!

In addition, the team gave me plenty of research tasks to complete, which allowed me to improve my research skills, as well as learn about a lot of topics in greater detail, including: schools and healthcare.

The team here at Athene Communications have been excellent in integrating me into the working environment. They have been very supportive, whilst creating a flexible and comfortable environment to work in. But most importantly, I would like to thank them for pushing me and not just presenting me with boring, easy jobs, which a lot of work experience students would receive.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Athene Communications, and would definitely be interested in coming back again. This experience has provided me with a good insight into the PR world and what activities a career in the area would provide. Furthermore, this experience with a PR agency was particularly useful as my time at Sue Ryder was specific and narrow to one company, whereas working for an agency, provides you with lots of different clients and activities to keep yourself busy and interested.

Finally, I would like to thank all the staff for being warm and supportive during my time here, and giving me the opportunity to network with professionals in the PR field.