The Marketing and PR Campaigns We’ve Loved This Year

We all have our favourite adverts, across television, radio and social media. Some of us like a heart-warming ad; others prefer the more humorous side of things. Whatever your taste, below are some adverts that the Athene team have chosen as their favourite recent campaigns.

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Amazon’s ‘Morning Routine’ Advert

Recently, Amazon have released their newest ‘Alexa’ advert that focuses on morning routines. The video shows a woman waking up, making coffee and heading out for a walk. In the advert, the woman uses Alexa to ask the time and what the weather is like at that moment. To those who miss the small signs, it can a bit confusing as to why she would be asking what the weather is like, while staring out the window.

It’s as she picks up her guide dog’s harness that viewers fully realise that the woman featured in the advert is blind, revealing the real helping hand that Alexa can offer to her and many others with sight problems.

Tesco Food Love Stories

One for the lover of heart-warming stories, our Account Executive Sam has voted an advert from the latest ‘Tesco Love Stories’ series as her favourite. The clip shows a dad discussing his love for meat, but making the changes to his signature casserole dish as his young daughter expressed her desire to go vegetarian.

Huddersfield Football Club and Paddy Power make a bold statement

Ahead of the 2019/20 English Football League Season, we saw Paddy Power and Huddersfield Football Club make a very bold statement with their new kit, prominently featuring the name of their bookie sponsors. It turns out that this shirt was actually fake and their new kit would not have any form of advertising on from their sponsor. This stance was to promote responsible gambling by not directly displaying betting companies on football shirts but to instead bring back the traditional shirt.

This campaign did, however, result in charges from the Football Association, but nonetheless raised awareness about football sponsorship.

Thanks to our Senior Account Manager and football fan, Mark, for this suggestion!

Greggs and that Piers Morgan tweet

This year, Greggs launched their ‘Vegan Sausage Roll’ which was a success among the vegan community… But not so much a success in Piers Morgan’s eyes (someone who has a tweet for anything and everything). However, Greggs handled the remarks from Piers very well from a PR perspective.

The exchange occurred on Twitter, seeing Piers calling Greggs ‘PC-ravaged clowns’ over their launch campaign. This sparked the bakery chain to respond to Piers with a statement that ultimately boosted their launch: “Oh hello Piers, we’ve been expecting you”. Well played, Greggs, for turning this negative attention into a positive for the campaign.

Guinness’ controversial Carlsberg promotion

Earlier this year, we gathered around to watch the Rugby World Cup take place in Japan, where we very nearly saw England come away with the trophy. Prior to the final, Ireland fell in defeat to New Zealand in their quarter-final match.

Following this, Guinness – a drink originating in Dublin – which is known for its reactive-PR, sought the opportunity to boost its profile following the defeat. The stout’s social media team took to Twitter to encourage Ireland fans to have a pint of Carlsberg, having had enough of the colour black after being beaten 46-4 by New Zealand’s ‘All Blacks’.

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