Christmas donation helps those reliant on local charities over the winter period

Instead of sending gifts this Christmas we decided to help those most in need by donating to local charities. We chose two local charities that could help our community out by providing support and provisions to individuals and family who were struggling.

We donated to the Peterborough Light Project; a charity that aims to help those that are marginalised and in need by providing shelter and support. The charity relies on donations to complete their work so we hope that ours helped them to provide support to those that needed it during the Christmas period and beyond.

We also donated to the Peterborough Food Bank with provisions they needed the most during the winter period. The charity provides three days’ of emergency food and support to local people who are in crisis. Our Account Executives headed out to the shops to buy items to give to the charity and returned with lots of desperately needed things.

We hope that our donations to these important causes have made a difference to local people’s lives this Christmas.

Photo of staff with food items to donate
Our Account Execs with the food donations