An insight into working at Athene

We had a chat with our newest team member, Tom, and found out how he’s been getting on at Athene Communications!

What’s your background?

I studied BA English at Lincoln University from 2014 to 2017. After graduating, I completed a Communications Internship at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG.

Then for two years I worked as a Marketing Coordinator and a Marketing Executive for Austin Macauley Publishers.

From my internship in Communications, I had decided that I wanted to work in PR. So I started to look for PR agencies in Cambridgeshire and Athene was always coming up!

What made you choose to apply for Athene?

Athene seemed more than just a typical PR agency and so much more than just a job. I could see from the website that the company were involved in a lot of charity and environmental things, like their Green Leap Day or Charity Rounders tournament.

I’d also had a look at the type of clients that Athene worked with and it looked like a really interesting mixture of projects to get involved with!

What was the application process like?

I originally applied for a role in Athene’s Community Engagement team, but we both decided that the PR team would be better suited to my experience and skills. So I kept checking the website for roles within PR and once one appeared I applied again.

I then met with Emma to get to know her and see how I could be best placed in the team. After this, I had an interview with Ryan and Rachel, which was followed by a writing task.

I was offered the role as Account Executive within the PR team and started in October!

The first two weeks after starting were really helpful, as I was given a timetable to get to know the business and everyone working there. It was great to have this as part of the induction process as it meant I settled in quickly and got to know everything going on.

What kind of work do you get up to at Athene? Do you have a ‘typical day’?

My role involves working with the PR team, working on a range of projects for Athene’s PR and Education clients.

I don’t really have a typical working day as my job role varies a lot. Some days I can be working on a school’s social media strategy and the next day I might be writing a press release for a housing developer or blog for an engineering consultancy.

How are you finding the work that you’re doing?

I really enjoy it all. The variety of work is the best bit, it keeps me on my toes and means no two days are the same which is really good for learning new skills.

What’s the best bit about working at Athene?

I think the extra mile that Athene goes to be a great company, like their Green Leap Day and charity events. It seems more than just another company and the people and working culture is so friendly.

Did anything surprise you with working at Athene?

Well, there are four ‘teams’ at Athene, and when I first joined I thought they would be separate and not really see much of each other, but we all come together a lot and see everyone around the office. We have ‘Collaboration Time’ sessions where we all come together and work on ideas and projects, it’s really good to get involved this way.

We also have ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions where we find out more about a particular topic, such as inbox decluttering or reducing food waste.

What training opportunities have you had while working here?

When I started, I was enrolled onto the CIPR membership and have booked my first training course with them. My line manager also encourages me to use the online CPD resources, using the videos and articles to improve my awareness and knowledge.

We also have ‘Thinking Time’ each month where we can focus on other things from our workload, such as training or improving productivity.

Thanks to Tom for sharing his experiences of working at Athene!

If this sounds like the kind of fun, varied work you’d like to get up to, check out our vacancies page to see if there is a role for you at Athene.