About us

About us

Athene Communications is a PR and communications consultancy and we excel in four key areas:
PR and marketing, community engagement, PR for educational institutions and internal communications.

We’ve been helping clients meet their business objectives through high impact, targeted communications since we opened our doors in 2003.

Known for our team of strategic and creative thinkers, we’ll help you to understand how your audience thinks and look at things from their perspective.

We have a long track record of delivering tangible results with our compelling, content-rich campaigns across a number of channels, new, traditional and digital.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see what we could do for you.

Our Vision and Values

When he set up Athene in 2003, Managing Director Richard Astle wanted to establish a company that is successful and sustainable because it adds value to its:

  • Clients: Our strategic advice and expert day-to-day delivery drives our clients’ business success through tailored and compelling communication
  • Consultants: We provide our employees both the means to make a living enjoyably and – through the adoption of flexible working practices – the means to make a life
  • Communities: We give our employees the time to play an active part in their community because we believe that companies exist to enhance society, not just to make a profit

Our success and reputation could not be possible without the skills and experience of our team. The way we work with you and together as a team is clearly defined as:

  • Strategically: We work with you to use communication to drive your overall objectives
  • Flexibly: We’re good at planning but adept too at adapting plans to changing circumstances
  • Differently: We have no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, every client and every situation is different
  • Diligently: We take pride in doing a good job for all our clients and always want to go the extra mile
  • Together: We are a team, we work hard for each other, and we enjoy working in wider partnerships

We have a commitment to invest in the training and development of each of our employees, to ensure our skills and knowledge stay ahead of the game.

Our Awards

Our hard work and commitment to our vision and values has been recognised with a number of award wins and nominations.PRide-2016-Shortlist-button

Successes include being named the ‘Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy’ of the year – CIPR PRide Awards Anglia, Thames and Chiltern 2017.

We have also won Peterborough Telegraph’s Environmental Achievement and Contribution to the Community awards. We were also shortlisted for a Golden Hedgehog PR Award for our community engagement work.

Managing Director Richard Astle is also a former recipient of the Institute of Public Relations Sword of Excellence for Public Affairs.

Our Name

Often people ask us about our name, Athene, and our logo, an owl.

The name Athene originated from Greek mythology, and the Little Owl ‘Athene Noctua’ was the messenger of Athene, the goddess of wisdom.

Legend has it that, during a particularly heated battle that was going badly for the Greeks, a Little Owl was seen to fly over the battlefield.

The Greek soldiers saw this as a sign that Athene was favouring their struggle, and redoubled their efforts to seize victory.

From then on, a very astute General kept a box of Little Owls in reserve, ready to release them and repeat the effect should the fight turn against his men again.

As a company, we aim to embrace the wisdom of the owl, the creative thinking of the Greek General and the determination of his armies to achieve our own – and our clients’ – objectives.

Our people
  • Linda Elliott

    Strategic Research Manager
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  • Richard Astle

    Managing Director
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  • Helen Scarr

    Account Manager
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  • Emma McMillan

    Director of Internal Communications
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  • Curtis Doyle

    Senior Account Executive
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  • Kelly Linay

    Director of Community Engagement
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  • Louise Brand

    Account Manager
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  • Sam Ladds

    Senior Account Executive
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  • Claire Grant

    Account Manager
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  • Becky Hards

    Finance Executive
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  • Louise Phillips

    Head of Operations
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  • Poppy Arthurton

    Account Manager
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  • Rachel Wild

    Deputy-Managing Director
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  • Ryan Hyman

    Director of PR
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  • Bethan Griffiths

    Senior Account Manager
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  • Rachel Allerton

    Account Executive
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