Using communication to enhance beauty

Successfully communicating to residents, councillors and stakeholders is core to Athene Communication’s community engagement work.

One project where we did just this was for the community engagement and public consultation of EDF Energy’s dry fuel storage facility at its Sizewell B nuclear power station.

With planning permission granted for the store, the energy company was looking for ways to mitigate any impact of construction on the environment and local communities in Suffolk.

We worked with EDF Energy to devise an Amenity and Accessibility Fund (AAF) to provide grants for projects that could make a real contribution to enhancing the area.

This work included inviting delegates to hear three key speakers from Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk County Council and EDF Energy, before joining a tour of the area of nature beauty which would benefit from the fund.

Since the successful allocation of funding, we have worked with EDF Energy on other key stakeholder events involving the dry fuel store, working with project experts to create presentations and exhibition boards.

The store will provide capacity for all the spent fuel created until the plant shuts in 2035.


EDF Energy - Sizewell