Assisting Peterborough City Council with their Selective Licensing Consultations

Peterborough City Council, as part of its ongoing regeneration plans, sought to improve conditions of the private rental market. The route to doing this was through the implementation of Selective Licensing.

Where Selective Licensing is adopted landlords must apply for a licence if they want to rent out a property. This means the council can check whether they are a “fit or proper person” to be a landlord, as well as making other stipulations concerning management of the property and appropriate safety measures.

Our Approach

In 2015, Athene Communications developed and delivered a consultation regarding the implementation of Selective Licensing within nine areas of Peterborough. The consultation targeted those living in the areas proposed for designation and the adjacent areas.

Before starting the consultation, Athene produced a strategy for engagement that met government requirements and Peterborough City Council’s Statement of Community Involvement. The consultation involved local MPs, councillors, private landlords, landlord associations, businesses and local residents, engaging with around 40,000 people in total.

Alongside stakeholder briefings and public exhibitions, materials were produced in five commonly spoken languages and a project website developed to ensure wide engagement. Forty thousand letters were sent out to residents and over 1,500 responses were captured through resident surveys, ensuring the views of the public were fully understood.

The Outcome

Athene produced a detailed report that presented the results of the consultation to the Council. The consultation was well received and Peterborough City Council introduced Selective Licensing on 1 December 2016.