Richard Astle

Richard Astle


Richard is the Chairman of Athene Communications. After 17 years as Managing Director, Richard has moved to a position where he can further drive the company’s growth and strategic vision.

His leadership has established a national reputation for Athene as a provider of high-quality strategic advice on communication and engagement at board and senior management level. Richard is a former recipient of the Institute of Public Relations Sword of Excellence for Public Affairs.

Before Athene, Richard had a career in the British Foreign Office, serving in the Moscow Embassy and leading on aspects of NATO’s response to the Bosnia conflict.

Out of work Richard has a passion for nature and is an enthusiastic if not particularly good birdwatcher. He is chair of Natural Cambridgeshire, the local nature partnership for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire – and also of the Langdyke Countryside Trust. He even keeps a flock of nearly 100 native breed sheep!

Contact Richard at: [email protected]